Our Partners

VR Quest has partnered with leading innovators in the EdTech sector to provide inspirational educators with virtual reality resources that allow their students to explore and interact with history

VR Quest comes pre-loaded with an enormous selection of environments and assets from Science, Social Studies, Math and English, allowing students to recreate historic places and events - and step into them in Virtual Reality!

Educators can provide a first rate STEM-based space where students can explore and interact with a variety of activities, and engage in collaborative and co-creative projects in a virtual reality environment in the classroom or remote learning settings

Students are more motivated to learn and retain knowledge and content when they can physically manipulate, get closer to, create and explore on their own. VR Quest gives students the opportunity to see and interact with historical figures, plants, animals, environments and natural resources, to make learning more meaningful and create memorable experiences that can be shared with classmates or friends and family