Enhancing education through technology

Highly immersive, complex and engaging experiences like VR Quest not only improves learning, but also improves the kind of learning that children need to do well in school and their everyday lives

VR Quest is the ONLY product available in the USA that has a multiplayer VR option where students can interact with each other in the program to learn about a historical moment in time!

VR Quest education introduces 3D game design and immersive virtual reality technology to the classroom, enriching students’ lives by offering computer instructed game design while simultaneously teaching standards/outcomes-based lessons.

  • With VR Quest, students more easily retain historical information and apply what they’ve learned after participating in virtual reality exercises
  • Each lesson plan delivers unique cross-curricular teaching objectives interweaving a number of disciplines and core learnings
  • VR Quest eliminates any violent building options. Games created by students are hosted in a closed ecosystem to help ensure all content being produced with VR Quest is school appropriate and safe

VR Quest is aligned to the American social studies curriculum [this to link to Curriculum page/section when it’s built] from 4th grade through to 12th grade (ages 9-18) but can be used in classrooms across the world. Maths, Science and English modules will be available later in the year

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VR Quest education assists in developing a positive school culture while supporting academic achievement, through a combination of integrating rich content and design technology.

By creating a culturally responsive virtual world, VR Quest education fosters the ability to learn skills that can be translated into everyday social interactions and classroom culture.

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