Due to COVID-19, parents and children across the country have been tasked with finding alternative resources to continue their coursework at home.

We believe our technology should be available to all kids, that’s why we’ve created a campaign to give everyone buying a VR Quest at-home license the opportunity to donate an additional at-home license to a friend, colleague or another student in need.

Buy your copy of VR Quest now and get one FREE

This is an unprecedented time in our history. The COVID-19 pandemic is having an impact on the health of our loved ones, the businesses we rely upon and the health of the global economy. The way in which we live our daily lives is rapidly changing and none more so than the education of our children.

With education searches up almost 1200%, it’s clear that parents are eager to find comprehensive learning tools to keep their kids engaged while minimizing the ramp-up time needed when school commences in the Autumn.

Not only does VR Quest meet all state standards/outcomes requirements for social studies, kids will better retain information while having fun.

For months now kids have been forced to exercise social distancing from their friends and classmates, which is difficult for the entire household. VR Quest’s design allows up to eight kids to, once again, collaborate on school-based projects and expand their social studies knowledge. When some downtime is needed, kids can collaborate on building a fantasy world like Hogwarts while learning 3-D gaming and design, understanding spatial concepts, and more.

As we address a pandemic that will undoubtably become a chapter in the history books, our commitment to educating children is steadfast, as is our desire to keep it fun too