The Principal, teachers and pupils of Public School 3 in New York talk about using VR Quest in their school

Judith Wilson, Principal, Public School 3, New York and her teachers and pupils talk about their experience with VR Quest

Where do I begin to tell you how fortunate I am to have my school, Public School 3, matched to VR Quest. I had waited one year for PENCIL to find an organization just right for PS3. I asked to be matched to an organization that would involve my 4th and 5th grade students in Technology and at the same time incorporate the Common Core Standards and S.T.E.M. I needed a program that would engage my students at a higher-level of thinking. This is it!

The excitement in the room can be felt as students venture out into the world of creating their own 3D video games. Our students had no prior experience building video games but were able to do it with VR Quest’s ‘kid’ friendly instructions. Enough from me! Read what our teachers and kids have to say:

Mr. James Laieta, Grade 5 Gifted & Talented Teacher: “VR Quest integrates educational fully- immersive virtual Reality Game Designs into our school day via technology. My students are in the process of creating their own video games that enhances research skills, academic rigor, and a “hands on” approach that commingles the newly aligned Common Core State Standards. My students and I cannot get enough of this technological phenomenon. This program is inspirational, and the answer to a teacher’s dream!

Justine Kostenbader, Technology Teacher: “Children today live in a fast paced, digital world. VR Quest uses a 2D and 3D game designing platform to teach research, problem solving, critical thinking, computer/internet literacy along with the Common Core Standards. It’s great to see that the students are fully engaged as well as taking ownership and pride in their creations. Is there a part of me that feels guilty that they don’t realize how much “work” and research-based learning they are actually doing? Nope, not at all!

Michael Mantello, Grade 5: “This game program provides me with the chance to use my computer skills and think creatively to build my own unique video games. Whatever the “quest”, it feels as if I’m brought into that time dimension! I know we are learning, but I feel we are masterminds of being the creators of a great new world!

Scott Rapport, Grade 5: “Who would have thought that creating your own video game would be brought into the school day? This is one of the best programs I have ever seen! The research components are all there for us to study before taking the journey into another dimension! I just love VR QUEST!

Chase Tierney, Grade 5: “When my teacher told us we would be creating our own inventive video games, I could not believe my ears! VR QUEST takes my computer knowledge and lets me to study all the subject areas such as Science and Social Studies and bring it into a whole new learning environment!

Dante Acquatico, Grade 5: “VR Quest is awesome! Building your own video game and feeling like you are part of that world creates an “outer body experience.

Steven Bracco, Grade 5: “VR Quest is such a great leaning tool! I love every bit of it, especially creating my own video games!