The 'Boys & Girls Clubs of Newark' are using VR Quest

Stacey Troilo, Director of Support Systems & Services for the Boys & Girls Clubs of Newark, talks about VR Quest:

The VR Quest Program is an easy-to-implement virtual reality tool in which the Boys & Girls Clubs of Newark (BGCN) is genuinely pleased to include into our Technology Center curriculum. It has undoubtedly piqued the interest of members’ ages 6-18 and has already proven to improve focus, technology and game-creation skills in as little as one group lesson.

Sure to please the VR Quest program places knowledge and adventure into the hands of our youth, making the program a priceless commodity at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Newark for a plethora of reasons.

With the assistance of VR Quest, BGCN youth have shown enhanced focusing skills in other classes, creating a sense of understanding, patience and drive to strengthen their knowledge and talents, as well as explore skills they never thought they had, going far beyond the array of technology and into the realm of music-making, film editing and digital arts to name a few.

Additionally, as a result of implementing VR Quest into our program menu, most, if not all, members have increased interest in technology-based career fields including (but not limited to) animation, digital arts, and civil-engineering. This interest has become stronger with every lesson, and BGCN looks forward to having many successful alumni with the help of the VR Quest Program.

The Boys & Girls Clubs of Newark vouches for ecstatic results and is excited to bring the program to all of our sites. VR Quest is one of a kind and, if included in schools and youth centers around the nation, would greatly improve our youth’s ability to think ahead and create a better tomorrow.