VR Quest is aligned to the American school curriculum for Maths, Science, English & Social Studies
VR Quest is one of the first independent home-learning VR platforms for students
Build your own characters and play in your own 3D virtual reality worlds
Build and play on computer
No violent content
Explore in Virtual Reality
No coding required
Create and play virtual reality experiences at home and share them in social VR with your school friends
Continue your studies with VR Quest
This is an example of the 5th Grade curriculum template on Mayan civilization which meets the standards set for US public schools
Build your own Mayan Village and learn about Mayan culture

It’s so easy!

Step 1
Create your own characters with the easy to use Character Creator
Step 2
Easily construct your own buildings with the Structure Editor
Step 3
Choose from a massive selection of ready-made assets
Step 4
Drag and drop them onto the buildable terrain and very quickly create your first quest
Step 5
Use your Windows Mixed Reality or Oculus Quest VR Headset to step into the virtual world you just created
Step 6
Play alone or in multi-player mode with your friends without leaving your home!


VR Quest for Home
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